What to Do Following an Accident Due to Slip and Fall Pt 1

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If your slip and fall injury has happened due to someone else’s negligence, then you may be able to litigate and receive legal compensation for the damages which you have suffered. It may be tough for you to think clearly in the aftermath of an injury – this is something which most slip and fall attorneys understand – but some steps still have to be taken to improve your chances of getting court-awarded or settlement compensation and receive an amount equal or greater to damages from the party or parties involved.

Document and Keep a Record of the Accident Scene

You may find it difficult to remember all the circumstances surrounding your accident, and this is both natural and common. The key to winning a slip and fall case is to show conclusively that the negligent party either knew about or created a dangerous state which caused your accident. Gather the below-mentioned information by yourself when possible. If and when your injuries keep you from collecting all the essential details, have someone else do it for you.

  • Photos of the accident spot,
  • Notes of any dangerous conditions for walking, like for instance, uneven or broken pavement, water puddles, and debris,
  • Contact details of witnesses,
  • Lighting and weather conditions at the time, and,
  • Inadequate or absent warning signs for dangerous conditions on the property.

You should keep with you all evidence of lost income, starting from the time your injuries first began to pull you away from work, or required you to enter treatment, whichever came first. This comprises pay stubs that you received before your slip and fall accident, in addition to receipts showing costs incurred when you recovered from injuries.

Report Your Accident

In case you are in a restaurant, retail store, or some other commercial location open to the common public when the accident happens, speak with the manager and ask that person to file a report of the incident. Be careful not to sign any document which a manager may tell you to sign at the time. You only have to verify that the concerned business has its report because that report will keep them from later denying that an accident occurred on their property.

If you are at a commercial vehicle parking facility, on a public street, or any other location whose manager is not available right away, then record as much information about that place as possible, and contact the supervisors or owners as promptly as possible.

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