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    Construction Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

    Construction is a vital industry and employs thousands of people in Los Angeles, but it remains one of the most dangerous jobs a person can have. Possible heavy equipment failure or accidents, exposure to dangerous chemicals, and general physical stress are only a few of the possible workplace hazards for construction workers. Even at the best construction site with vigilant workers, employers, and state and federal regulators, accidents can happen. While a workplace injury may allow you to collect worker’s compensation, this compensation is often not enough to make up for the lost time and suffering incurred. In some cases, the costs of a workplace injury can even fall entirely on the injured party.

    At Davidovich Stein Law Group, our construction accident lawyers can consult with you to determine what kind of claim to file and how we can help you win your personal injury case. Some of our most common claims include:

    Slips and Falls: A lot of injuries at a construction site are due to slips and falls. Construction workers often find themselves working on girders, scaffolding, ladders, cranes, and other elevated platforms. When combined with slippery conditions or unstable footing, it becomes easy for slip and fall injuries to occur.

    Equipment Malfunction: Poorly maintained equipment is dangerous equipment. Faulty equipment and failure to follow safety regulations can cause catastrophic failure, leading to a risk of injury or death. 

    Exposure to Dangerous Materials: Many materials used on a construction site can be hazardous to an employee’s health. Accidents with chemicals may lead to inhalation or skin contact injuries, and even dust and debris inhalation can lead to serious respiratory disease.

    Overexertion and Physical Strain: Construction is one of the most physically demanding jobs that a person can take on. Injury can occur from any number of physical strains, including heavy lifting, repetitive motion, and exposure to extreme weather, or heat and cold. Pressure from working on a deadline can also cause a construction worker to overexert themselves and be at risk of injury.

    Structural Collapse and Falling Objects: Work at a construction site often takes place underground, in unstable buildings, or other likely places for structural collapse. Falling objects are also a common hazard in construction sites, due to equipment movement or not properly securing objects. Both structural collapse and falling objects put workers at risk of head injury or death.

    Davidovich Stein Law Group can help you receive compensation for a variety of construction accident injuries, including but not limited to: head/brain trauma, burns, broken bones, lacerations/cuts, toxic chemical exposure, respiratory injury, loss of hearing or sight, paralysis, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

    Determining Fault and Strengthening a Claim

    Making a case for a construction accident suit requires the establishment of fault to ensure that Davidovich Stein Law Group attorneys can obtain the best possible settlement offer or verdict. Regardless of whether it is an employer or an equipment manufacturer, they will fight to reduce their own fault to lessen their liability and settlement value. Davidovich Stein Law Group will work with you during our initial consultation to determine the strength of your case, but even before our consultation we can recommend that you:

    • Make detailed notes of all the events leading up to and during your accident, taking care to note where the accident occurred, what kind of work was being done, and who may have been nearby. 
    • Take photos of the area or equipment involved.
    • Request copies of any incident or medical forms that you may have filled out following your accident.

    The type and severity of your injuries will determine what kind of medical care and recovery time you will need, but these strategies, combined with a consultation with our attorneys, can help you build a stronger case to ensure that you receive maximum compensation. 

    Experienced Construction Accident Attorneys

    Our attorneys at Davidovich Stein Law Group have won millions of dollars in compensation for our clients, and have decades of experience representing clients in injury cases. We know the right strategies and are well acquainted with the regulations and safety rules set in place by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, commonly known as OSHA.

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    If you or someone you know has been injured in a construction accident, contact us by email or phone at (818) 661-2420 to schedule an initial consultation to determine what kind of claim you may be able to file and how strong a case you may have. We are determined to help you recover from your injury and to win back any lost income due to your injury. You have a right to hold the responsible party accountable for your construction accident. We do not charge a fee if we do not recover compensation for you. Located in Los Angeles, our firm serves clients throughout the State of California.