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    California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    Often times motorcycle accidents will result in life-altering injuries that can be costly to treat or even be fatal. After an accident, the victim may be unable to work for a long period of time as they recover and find themselves in financial distress due to their loss of income. 

    If you or a loved one were injured in a motorcycle accident, you can be entitled to compensation from liable parties for any medical bills, loss of income, or other damages that may have occurred from the incident.

    The California motorcycle accident lawyers at Davidovich Stein Law Group are available for consultation about your case and help you assess your claim and help you fight for the compensation that you deserve. 

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    What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

    • Remove Yourself From Danger: A motorcycle crash scene can be incredibly dangerous as fuel spills and leaks often occur during an accident and lead to a fire. Move yourself to a safe space in order to protect yourself from further injury. Other drivers may not realize that an accident has occurred and will slow down or swerve to avoid the crash scene so be careful
    • Get Medical Help: If you are physically injured after a motorcycle crash you should see a doctor or be taken to an emergency room as soon as possible after the incident. Common causes of death for motorcycle accidents typically involve the head or chest so make sure that you request examinations and tests of those areas whether it be MRIs or X-rays.
    • Report The Accident: If you are not taken from the scene by an ambulance it is important that you call the police as soon as you can and report the accident. By doing so you will be able to ask for a copy of the police report where facts about the crash, including witnesses and liable parties, will be documented. Keep this in your records in the event that you file a claim as this can help serve as useful information for your lawyer.
    • Call a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: A detailed investigation must happen as soon as possible in order to help determine who is at fault for the accident. Before evidence or witnesses disappear you should contact an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer in order to help you build your case and manage the claim while you are seeking treatment for any injuries or receiving medical care.

    Damages for Motorcycle Accident Claims

    Motorcycle accidents can lead to losses from damages that are 4 to 12 times more costly than other types of vehicle collisions. With the help of a professional Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer, you have a better chance for a successful claim and can recover the expenses from your motorcycle crash incident. Damages include: 

    • Medical Treatment and Bills. You can be entitled to recover costs for any surgery, hospital stays, diagnostic tests, doctor visits, physical therapy, and chiropractic treatment. If your condition requires ongoing treatment the costs of future medical care can also be included in the damages. 
    • Pain and Suffering. There are many debilitating injuries both short and long-term that can happen due to a motorcycle crash. Compensation for pain and suffering from any injuries received from the motorcycle crash may be acquired but a fixed formula for calculation of the compensation is not provided by the law. After carefully evaluating your claim, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney you can help you seek to recover the maximum amount that is warranted from the insurance company.
    • Lost Wages. After a motorcycle accident, you may be left unable to work due to your injuries. Any wages you may have lost can be included in the claim even if you used vacation or sick leave. If you are left permanently unable to work, your personal injury lawyer will calculate future losses as well as recovery of reduced earning capacity into your claim.

    Liability and Negligence in a Motorcycle Accident in California

    The outcome of your case will ultimately be determined by the strength of your evidence. Your motorcycle accident attorney will help prove that the defendant’s negligence, or duty of care, was what contributed to your injuries and thus makes them liable. Depending on the cause of the collision different types of evidence may be used in order to prove negligence such as black box data if a commercial trucking vehicle was involved, or toxicology reports and eyewitness testimony if the case involved drunk driving. Some examples of negligence commonly seen in motorcycle accident claims include: 

    • Unsafe Lane Changes
    • Speeding
    • Distracted Driving
    • Drunk driving or driving under the influence
    • Defective auto parts production from the company
    • Making left turns without checking for other vehicles

    Lane-Splitting and California Law 

    California is one of the few states that allow the dangerous practice of lane-splitting, the action of motorcyclists driving in the double yellow or white lane divider between slow or stopped vehicles in order to move quickly through traffic. California removed the law banning lane-splitting, now making the state a grey area where it is neither allowed but also allowing it.  Lawmakers changed the language surrounding the law a year after a UC Berkeley study was published in 2015 claiming that motorcycles were not at a greater risk of crashing while lane-splitting if performed safely. Highway patrol no longer regulates how motorcyclists perform lane-splitting and resign more to encouraging safety and courtesy towards other drivers as well as common sense.   

    The concept of lane-splitting has been controversial between motorists and motorcyclists with some saying that the practice is needlessly dangerous and can contribute to accidents. Others state that lane-splitting is better for motorcyclists as it allows them to exit freeways faster and avoid rear-end collisions and preventing overheating while stuck in traffic during the hotter months. It is for this reason that lane-splitting motorcycle accidents can be legally difficult to navigate due to the legal grey area of the practice as well as strong differing opinions on the subject.


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