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Davidovich Stein Law Group Accomplishments

Relief Granted

07/2019 DSLG was brought in to correct a prior counsel’s failure to secure a relief from default judgment in a $150,000 family law claim. DSLG’s client had a default judgment entered against her and a lis pendens placed against her property when the plaintiff in the matter wrongfully claimed to have served her. Prior counsel’s motion to set aside the default was denied, mooting the corresponding motion to expunge the lis pendens. Proving that the plaintiff’s counsel had defrauded the court and prior counsel and that the lis pendens was inappropriate and frivolous, DSLG attorneys’ motion to reconsider the denial of the set-aside motion was granted and the lis pendens was then subsequently expunged, clearing the path for the client to close her much-needed refinance of her property.

Lis Pendens Expunged

05/2019 DSLG successfully petitioned the Superior Court to expunge a lis pendens filed against a real estate developer accused of having re-rented his property after having removed it from the rental market pursuant to an Ellis Act procedure. While the action was pending, the real estate developer demolished the structure in question. Over the plaintiff’s strenuous objection, DSLG attorneys argued and proved that, pursuant to the Los Angeles Rent Stabilization Ordinance, the plaintiff had no re-rental rights in any replacement new improvements on the property. The court granted DSLG’s motion and the client was able to expunge the lis pendens from his property, clearing the way for financing the planned construction.

Case Dismissed, Judgment Restored

07/2019 DSLG secured dismissal of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy on bad faith grounds for its creditor client. DSLG represented a creditor in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the plaintiff in a previously litigated case in which the creditor was awarded a $1 million judgment against the defendant/creditor. Debtor filed bankruptcy to avoid the sale of his home. After a year of litigation in the bankruptcy court, DSLG attorneys prevailed in their motion to dismiss the bankruptcy after a full day’s trial on the grounds that the debtor-in-possession had acted in bad faith by misleading the court and the creditors, lying on the stand, and hiding assets, thus clearing the way to resume the process of selling the home to collect on the judgment.

Summary Judgment Granted

DSLG was granted summary judgment for its client in a long-contested litigation. The plaintiff, a commercial tenant, alleged that the defendant, a commercial landlord, had breached its lease and illegally performed a self-help eviction of the tenant after a fire destroyed the building in which the tenant had its business. Tenant alleged property and lost profit damages in excess of $2.8 million. DSLG won summary judgment on all causes of action, allowing the defendant to avoid both a costly trial and having to pay anything to the tenant, and entitling landlord to seek its attorneys fees under the lease against the tenant.

Troublesome Tenant Evicted

07/2019 DSLG was retained to represent a landlord who was unable to evict a tenant from a Beverly Hills rental unit despite two unsuccessful unlawful detainer trials and eighteen months of not receiving rent. DSLG got on the job – and the tenant was out of the apartment within one month, and an action for the unpaid rent is currently being prosecuted.

500 Unlawful Detainers and Counting

07/2019 DSLG is proud to have filed and successfully prosecuted its 500th unlawful detainer action. The attorneys at DSLG are proud to represent landlords and property managers throughout Southern California and the volume of its work in the landlord/tenant space speaks to the trust and faith that the real estate community puts in the attorneys at DSLG.

$300,000 Settlement

03/2019 DSLG attorneys successfully represented an elderly woman who slipped and fell in her condominium building lobby due to a faulty carpet rip that was never repaired by the HOA, despite their admitted knowledge of the existence of the dangerous and defective condition of the floor.

$95,000 Settlement

07/2019 $95,000 SETTLEMENT. DSLG attorneys represented a real estate buyer who was under contract to purchase a multi-family property, only to learn the contract was cancelled and sold to a third-party purchaser without the client’s consent.

$500,000 Judgment

11/2017 DSLG was granted judgment of more than $500,000 against a general contractor who wrongfully delayed and negligently constructed a 10,000 square foot tenant improvement project for a prominent Culver City-based MEP engineering firm.

Expedited Reduced Settlement

06/2019 DSLG attorneys, representing a technical service provider in the motion picture industry, were able to successfully settle a $35,000,000 lawsuit brought against its client for the sum of less than $3,000 after not more than two months of litigation.

$220,000 Judgment Recovery

03/2019 DSLG collected more than $220,000 for a client whose judgment against a prominent natural restaurant chain had languished for almost ten years. In less than three months, DSLG’s attorneys were able to collect on the entire judgment.

Partner named SuperLawyers Rising Star

06/2019 DSLG is extremely pleased to congratulate Partner Charlie Stein, who was named as a SuperLawyers Rising Star 2019 in Real Estate Law. Congratulations, Charlie, we’re proud of you!

$7,500,000 Refinancing

Represented residential real estate developer in refinance in the amount of $7.5 million of soft-cost funding for a 180-unit multi-family building in Van Nuys, California.

$9,500,000 Acquisition

01/2018 Represented residential real estate developer in $9.5 million acquisition of multi-unit ground-up project, a 180-unit multi-family building, in Van Nuys, California.

$3,250,000 Refinancing

05/2019 Represented residential real estate developer in refinance in the amount of $3.25 million of refinancing for multiple projects in West Hollywood, California.

$2,500,000 Acquisition

Represented residential real estate developer in $2.5 million acquisition of multi-unit redevelopment project in West Hollywood, California.

$1,500,000 Refinancing

Represented residential real estate developer in refinance in the amount of $1.5 million for Los Angeles luxury single family home project.

$20,000,000 Acquisition

08/2018 Represented buyer in partially seller-financed $20,000,000 purchase of shopping plaza in Glendora, California.