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What Is The Role Of A Los Angeles Accident Lawyer In A Dog Bite Lawsuit?

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What is a Dog Bite Attorney?


There are several different types of personal injury lawyers, including dog bite attorney. These personal lawyers may specialize in helping victims of dog bites or dog attacks seek compensation for their injuries on behalf of the victim. Skilled Los Angeles accident lawyers may utilize several legal options including, but not limited to: 

  • The California Dog Bite Statute, which holds owners strictly liable for injuries.
  • The caretaker knew of or should have known of the dog’s dangerous propensities.
  • The dog bite was failed to be prevented through the negligence of the owner.
  • Local law or regulation was violated by the keeper of the dog in a way that was negligent.


Once the defendant’s liability has been established by the lawyer, they must then find a way to seek and collect compensation for the injury.

What Is The California Dog Bite Statute?

Civil Code 3342, or the California Dog Bite Statute, outlines how dog owners are responsible for any injuries that are caused by their dog. In California specifically, dog owners are held strictly liable for dog bites, meaning that they must compensate victims of dog bites even if their dog has shown no prior signs of aggressive behavior.

In order for a dog owner to be held strictly liable under California law, the accident lawyer must establish that certain criteria were met. These criteria are:

  • The defendant is the owner of the dog.
  • The victim was bitten in a public place or on private property where the victim had a right to be.
  • The victim of the dog bite was injured.
  • The dog bite was a substantial factor in causing the injuries of the victim.

This statute does not protect trespassers and can only be applied to the owner of the dog.

One does not have to be punctured by the bite in order to file a claim under California’s Dog Bites Statute, as the civil code holds the owners strictly liable for all dog bites no matter how minor. This may include injuries suffered due to the injury caused by the dog, such as slipping and falling.


How Can An Accident Lawyer Help Prove My Case?

Although dog bite victims can represent themselves, an experienced Los Angeles accident lawyer that has experience in dog bite claims can help you seek compensation for your loss as well as with several other key steps in the process. These include:

  • Gathering evidence and investigating preceding events and the incident.
  • Sending letters to insurance companies or responsible parties for the said claim.
  • Filing the dog bite lawsuit itself.
  • Putting together a solid case that holds the defendant liable
  • Collecting the judgment and settlement from the claim.

Oftentimes when insurance companies see that victims have hired a lawyer, they begin to take claims more seriously; this includes dog bite claims. Finding evidence without knowing what will work to help your case in a dog bite claim can be difficult, which is why seeking out a Los Angeles accident lawyer is crucial. With our years of extensive experience, you can be sure that you are getting the most compensation for your claim.

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