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Landlords & Tenants: What to Know and How to Win with Niv Davidovich, Episode 1

In this inaugural episode of Landlords & Tenants, Niv Davidovich speaks with Ari Chazanas, President of Lotus West Properties, a leading property management firm based in Los Angeles. Lotus West specializes in managing rent-controlled properties in West LA, offering comprehensive services for property owners in the region.

Tune in to the episode to hear about:

  • Property Management Hurdles: Ari outlines challenges like legislative changes and tenant empowerment.
  • Legislative Impact: Ari discusses how laws like rent control have complicated property ownership.
  • Co-Living Housing Appeal: Ari explains why co-living is popular among young professionals.
  • Tenant Screening Importance: Ari stresses thorough tenant screening for reliability.
  • Managing Property Challenges: Ari shares experiences in handling tenant issues and insurance complexities.

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In the Landlords & Tenants podcast, you’ll learn from property owners as they share their experiences that are aimed to help shape and educate people’s practices. What has worked? What has not worked?

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