Property Investment Strategies with LA Real Estate Vet, Mark Weinstein

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In this episode of “Landlords & Tenants,” Niv Davidovich speaks with Mark Weinstein, Founder and President of MJW Investments. Mark established MJW Investments in 1983 with the purchase of a single, five-unit property. Through strategic investment decisions, MJW Investments grew into a full-service, vertically-integrated real estate company encompassing a wide range of expertise in acquisition, development, construction, financing, leasing and asset management.

Tune in to the episode to hear about:

  • Mark’s career journey from law school to founding MJW Investments
  • Challenges Mark encounters and strategies he uses to find good deals
  • Where beyond L.A. Mark is focusing his investments
  • Mark’s position on student housing
  • Mark’s philanthropy and how he makes time for it
  • The biggest challenges for property owners today
  • How Mark attracts the right tenants to his properties

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