Negotiating a Personal Injury Settlement in California Pt 1

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Have you been hurt or injured because someone else was negligent? If so, you qualify for a personal injury claim. A personal injury claim will allow you to receive compensation for the losses you endured after the injury. Many cases are settled before trial because you can negotiate with the insurance provider for the one at fault.

Settling your claim outside of court may be the way to go for some. Taking your claim to court means more time and money spent trying to resolve the issue. This can be extra stressful for someone who is already dealing with an injury. Regardless of which way you decide to take your claim, you will have to use some negotiating skills when it is time to settle.

Things to Keep in Mind

Prior to starting a personal injury claim with a personal injury accident attorney, you will need to get medical attention. Your doctor or medical professional will be able to the extent of your injury and then help you being treatment. Seeing a doctor after an injury is always advised. Some injuries can take time to appear. Seeking help from a doctor right away will allow the doctor to assess the damage that you may not know you have. You will not be able to start a personal injury claim without the assistance of your doctor, as the information the doctor provides will be crucial while determining the settlement you ask for to settle your case.

How to Calculate Special Damages

To calculate your special damages or economic losses, you will need to know what is included under these titles. Many factors will play a part in calculating the damages, and you will want to keep these in mind.

  • Have you lost wages?
  • What are your medical expenses?
  • Have you lost earning capacity?
  • Have you had to pay for any burial or funeral costs?
  • Has there been any property damages?

Special damages for lost wages and medical expenses (including physical therapy and medications) are fairly simple to calculate, as you will have your documentation; your doctor will have it documented and so will any other medical professional you see. These qualify as past economic losses, as it has already happened and it is now in the past.

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