A Quick Look at Personal Injury Claim and Available Insurance Pt 1

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What would happen if you were injured, and the company or person at fault does not have a liability insurance? Will your claim go through? How does it work with the other person having no coverage? Will this affect the value of your claim? Below is a quick look at the value of personal injury claims with regards to available insurance.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

What would happen if someone who does not have car insurance hits you? Assuming that you have uninsured driving coverage, you would be able to file a claim. This claim is called an uninsured driver claim, and it is against your insurance company. Many states make it a requirement to have coverage for uninsured drivers. The possible compensation for your claim will depend on the coverage you have through your insurance company.

In a case like this, your claim is valued around the coverage you have, instead of the actual injury. If you were involved in a bad accident, you could have lasting injuries that require long-term medical care, but your coverage may only be up to half of that.

Slips and Fall Accidents

What happens if you are on someone else’s property, and you fall or slip and you are injured as an outcome of that? In such cases, you would be able to make a claim against the property’s owner. This can be done in the form of owner’s liability policy, homeowners insurance, business insurance, etc., depending on the type of property and how it is insured.

In the rare case when the owner of the property does not have insurance, you will only be able to recover when the owner has the financial needs to compensate you properly for your injury. Unlike car insurance, regular homeowners insurance does not come with uninsured property owner insurance. If you are off your property, your own insurance no longer covers you.

These types of cases base the value of your claim from the financial situation of the homeowner to determine how much they will pay you in damages. Commonly, business owners and property owners do not have a generous amount of cash just sitting there, so this may be a frustrating experience for some people. Yet if there is no cash available to the owner, there are ways to work something out on the value of the property itself. If the injury or situation needs compensation, the owner may be forced to sell their property.

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