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3 Things to Consider When Hiring a California Litigation Lawyer

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A reliable litigation lawyer can help you in a lot of areas, such as negotiations with the other party, pre-lawsuit paperwork, settlement facilitation, mediation, arbitration, etc. No matter whether it is a personal injury lawsuit or a licensing agreement problem, you will need a reliable California litigation lawyer to assist you with the case. Note that the rules and legal norms for filing each type of lawsuit can vary significantly. That is why you need to choose a litigation lawyer who can guide you in the right direction. Below are three important things that you should consider when hiring a litigation lawyer.

Relevant Experience

There are many sole practitioners and law firms in California, and all of them will claim to offer comprehensive legal services. Therefore, you should make sure that the lawyer you choose has good experience in handling cases like yours. For instance, if you are filing a trademark or copyright infringement lawsuit, then hiring a lawyer experienced in personal injury cases alone may not be a wise choice. Instead, you should look for someone who knows how trademark and copyright laws work and has experience in dealing with such lawsuits.

The Approach of the Lawyer

Any type of lawsuit will have an impact on your daily life and work. That is why you need to hire a reliable and trustworthy California litigation lawyer to have peace of mind and focus on your day-to-day activities. Note that every lawyer will have a different style of negotiation, strategy, and approach for different types of lawsuits. Some could be hyper-aggressive, while others will follow measured steps. Therefore, you should ensure that your lawyer follows a legal approach that fits your case and is comfortable for you.

Fee Structure

The legal fees for each case will differ greatly depending upon numerous factors. However, the most common fee structure followed by litigation lawyers in California is an hourly rate. You can also agree to contingency fees, blended rate structure, or hybrid fee arrangements as per your needs. Regardless, you will need to make sure that the fees are reasonable and your lawyer will work to achieve your objectives in a time-efficient as well as cost-effective manner. In addition, make sure that legal services are properly described on the invoice.

Hire a litigation lawyer who is easy to work with. Assess the skills of your lawyer and see how versatile and flexible their services are. Ask how they will handle your case and how the proceedings will be communicated to you. At the same time, make sure that your lawyer can think out of the box and adapt to the situation as required that will work in your best interests.

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