Four Quick Reasons To Partner With A Real Estate Lawyer

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Commercial real estate transactions, from purchasing investment property to commercial leases to multifamily developments, nearly always come with substantial economic costs. So, primarily to save money, many individuals do not see the need for legal representation in these situations.

Yet the mere fact that the real estate industry actively discourages buyers and sellers from retaining attorneys should serve as a red flag. Essentially, one only discourages parties from obtaining legal advice when that person or entity has something to hide.

What are some specific benefits to working with a lawyer in California commercial real estate transactions?

The Stitch In Time That Saves Nine

Real estate is an investment, and in most cases, it is a significant monetary investment.

Similarly, having an experienced lawyer on your side is also an investment. Such transactions, even if there is something obviously amiss, are difficult to undo. It is much easier to work with an attorney who can walk you through the process and point out any potential problem areas before they become expensively troublesome, especially if you are a first-time participant.

Clear Up Complexities

Most commercial real estate transactions involve mountains of paperwork that may seem like they are written in a foreign language. All this information can be overwhelming, especially since many people do not see some of these instruments before closing, where there is intense pressure to sign with no questions asked.

Moreover, there are usually several parties in a real estate transactions, such as the buyer, seller, lender, and owners’ association, and all of them have different agendas. An attorney can sort it all out and avoid confusion.


Unfortunately, not all people are fair and above board. Moreover, many such individuals are anxious to prey on those who they consider to be weaker.

If you have an experienced and aggressive lawyer on your side, especially one well-versed in area real estate transactions, these individuals often think twice about manipulating documents, falsifying reports, or engaging in other shenanigans. Furthermore, they may also think twice about bringing any grievances directly to court.

Things Go Wrong

Nevertheless, disputes often wind up in litigation. This is where a lawyer really shines.

In a nutshell, it is very expensive to hire an attorney for the first time when you are served with a petition, because the lawyer must spend many hours getting up to speed on the issues in the case and understanding your needs and goals. If an attorney has been with you since the beginning, this process is expedited, freeing your attorney to aggressively advocate for you beginning on day one.

Partner with Aggressive Attorneys

A lawyer can make a tremendous difference in a real estate case, whether or not litigation is involved. For a confidential consultation with an experienced landlord/tenant lawyer in North Hollywood, contact Davidovich Kaufman Legal Group APA. Convenient payment plans are available.

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