Eating While Driving in California Pt 2

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While many drivers see this as simply something to allow for more citations and tickets fines that lead to raised revenue, it needs to be said that such measures can and do benefit the people living in and passing through the state. Where an experienced driver may feel their right to eat behind the wheel is being imposed on, allowing the same to simply carry on without checks sets a dangerous precedent.

Multitasking is well and fine, but it needs to be confined to places other than the driver’s seat of a vehicle, at least in the current scenario.

Types of Distractions

There are generally three different types of distractions a person can incur while seated behind the wheel: visual, or what gets their eyes off the oncoming path; manual, or what forces them to use their limbs or body in a way that detracts from safe driving; and cognitive, which partially of fully occupy the thoughts of the person operating heavy machinery.

Eating behind the wheel usually falls completely under manual distractions, but then there are cases where it can be categorized under the other two as well. When that happens, the situation on the road gets more dangerous than other drivers and pedestrians should have to abide. From the driver’s side, it also holds that they could just as soon have pulled over somewhere and finished their meal in peace.

Distracted Driving Accidents—What to Do Afterward

If you ever get in an accident with another driver and carry the belief that they were eating and driving at the time of the event, a personal injury lawyer can guide you on how to obtain the maximum possible compensation for your damages. Before that, the police would probably try and get an official report from you, and whatever you say in this can be crucial enough to swing the outcome if the matter ever went to court. An investigation would be able to show if the other driver had been doing as you said, and if the results are in the affirmative, they can be held liable to compensating you, as well as receiving a citation for driving while distracted.

To summarize, eating while driving is not specifically mentioned in any driving law in most states, but California has set things up in such a way that officers can stop cars when they see the driver is eating and driving simultaneously. If you ever get in an accident with such a person, a good California injury lawyer can make sure you are duly compensated no matter what legal route you take.

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