Things to Remember When Riding a Motorcycle in California Pt 2

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More Common Causes of Accidents

  • Distracted Driving: Distraction and carelessness on the part of the driver may cause him/her to drive into a non-bike lane or a shoulder.
  • Roadway Debris and Hazards: Presence of debris on the road could prove fatal to motorcycle drivers. Items like mattresses or piled up debris could send the motorcycle spiraling out of control. Besides, uneven pavements and potholes too could potentially affect the motorcycle rider’s safety.

Preventing Accidents

By adopting a few safety measures, you can ride along safely on your motorcycle. Below are a few tips to avoid motorcycle accidents.

  • Proper Maintenance of Your Vehicles: Ensure that your lights and brakes are tested regularly. Furthermore, make sure your bike’s fuel and oil levels are good, and that your mirrors are placed in the right way.
  • Use High-Quality Gear: Make sure you use a high-quality helmet that offers ample protection while not impairing visibility. Remember to wear brightly colored clothes while riding to increase visibility among fellow drivers and riders.
  • Ride safely: Hold the speed limit in your mind whenever you ride. Make sure you do not tailgate, as that increases chances of a collision. Make full use of your signals, and split lanes only if you are sure the one you are moving into is safe. When you enter an intersection, make sure the other drivers can clearly see you.

The Aftermath of a Motorcycle Crash

If you happen to be involved in a motorcycle accident, there are a few things you can do to ensure the safety of everyone involved, and for the protection of your rights. Firstly, make sure that you remain at the site of the accident and wait for help to arrive. Below are a few more things you can do after an accident:

  • Take Photographs: Photographs are convincing evidence for any accident, and can prove useful if the matter were to go to court. Take pictures of the site and the vehicles involved.
  • Collect Information: It is important to get the contact details and the whereabouts of those involved in a crash. Do not forget to get the contacts of the witnesses present at the site.
  • File A Police Report: Ensure that you reach out to the police and have the details of the incident entered into a police report. It is important this happens after you contact a personal injury lawyer.
  • Hold Back on Repairs: You may be tempted to repair your vehicle immediately after the crash, but that is probably not the right thing to do. You should actually preserve the vehicle for the purpose of cross-examination by an expert.
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