The legal landscape for cannabis growers, distributors and retailers changes on a monthly, if

not weekly basis. To survive and thrive, entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry must be represented by competent counsel able to navigate this fluid and expanding practice area.

Davidovich Stein Group offers a full range of services for our cannabis clients, including:

  • Consultation regarding land use, security, insurance coverage, site plan, and live scan.
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration
  • Brand management
  • Trademark prosecution and protection
  • Permit and license applications
  • Purchase/sales of corporate entities
  • Corporate structure and compliance
  • Compliance with ongoing regulatory, statutory, and administrative requirements
  • Due diligence on properties, suppliers, distributors and licenses or tax certificates

  • Developing programs for compliance with state and local law
  • Real estate, vendor agreements, and employment
  • General advice on corporate issues
  • Social media management
  • Employee disputes
  • Landlord/tenant relations and disputes